Kobarid is a small town in Slovenia, known for its important role in the Isonzo front (Slov. Soška fronta) in the First World War. There are many cultural and natural beauties in its surroundings.


6cSlap-Kozjak-Napoleonov-most30The Napoleon Bridge connects the left and right banks of the Soča River near Kobarid, where the gorge is the narrowest. The two banks were joined by a bridge as early as in ancient times, but in 1616 the Venetians demolished the wooden structure. The old stone-made Napoleon Bridge was built in 1750. Napoleon's troops marched across it on the way to the Predel Pass, hence its name.
During World War I, it was blown up by the Austrian soldiers, later the Italians built a wooden bridge and later an iron one. During World War II, the Partisans defended the Kobarid Republic and in memory of these events, two monuments have been placed beside the bridge.
This area was an important battleground during the First World War. At Kobarid, the Austro-Hungarian and the German armies on one side and the Italian forces on the other battled it out for supremacy. The attack was launched on October 17th 1917 and it later became known as the “Miracle at Kobarid,” which cemented the “Blitzkreig” tactic of the Germans, who were surprised just how effective their attack was and how easily they defeated the Italians by forcing them to capitulate from the war. It is also speculated that the great Hemingway spent his days as a solider in these valleys while writing Farewell to Arms. However, according to the most recent study dealing with this issue, it seems more likely that he was able to write in such detail by listening to the stories of British soldiers who drove emergency vehicles during the final frontier at the valley of the Soča River. Whatever the case may be, this magnificent scenery provided inspiration for one of the greatest writers of our time.


6daSlap-Boka21Boka Waterfall, located between Kobarid and Bovec, is one of the Karst origin waterfalls and has a torrential stream, making it one of the shortest rivers in Slovenia. Boka Waterfall has one of the most powerful downpours and can rival even Savica and Peričnik Waterfalls combined.





6aSlap-Kozjak-29One of the wooden bridges above the Soča is the Kozjak Bridge. The bridge leads to one of the great beauties in this natural area - Kozjak Waterfall. Here you can really feel the beat of nature. Being away from the urban side of the country, you can have a swim inside the cave, which is graced by the sound of falling crystal clear water. Kozjak Waterfall, or the Big Kozjak, is the highest and most recognizable waterfall which pours into the Soča at Kobarid. It originates high in the mountain ridges (2,142 m) and its stream actually carved 6 different waterfalls – four of which are not easily accessible because there are no safe ways to reach them by hiking.