The Sava River

The Sava River is the longest river in Slovenia and a right side tributary of the Danube. The Sava is originally rising up from two sources: the Sava Dolinka and the Sava Bohinjka in the northwest area of Slovenia. The Sava Dolinka River rises out of the ground at Zelenci Pools (2,773 m) and the Sava Bohinjka River rises in Ribčev Laz, a town near Bohinj. They both join and form a confluence near a town called Radovljica. The Sava flows through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, where discharges into the Danube in Belgrade. The river is 900 km long, including the 45 kilometres of Sava Dolinka headwater. The Sava River connects three national capitals – Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade – and the population in its basin is estimated at 8 million.