Slovenian Coast

Piran is a picturesque town located at the tip of a narrow Piran peninsula. It is a popular town on the Slovenian coast because of its Old Town, which is one of the best preserved historical towns anywhere on the Adriatic and a gem of Venetian Gothic architecture. The town is located nearby Portorož and has narrow streets and tightly compressed houses that give Piran a unique charm. St. George's Church is perched on the top of a small hill near the town centre and overlooks the entire town. The small has a number of cultural attractions: the Tartini Square, Venetian Loggia, St. George's Church, the city harbour and more.

Portorož is a famous beach resort on the Slovenian coast, popular for its offer of entertainment, relaxation and work. It is intertwined with hotels, restaurants, casinos and villas. The so-called 'Port of Roses' has sandy beaches, a pleasant spa and wellness centre.

Along the Slovenian coast, salt-making has been a major business lasting for centuries. The best place to get a unique experience is the old salt pans of Sečovlje Salina Nature Park. The Sečovlje Saltworks is the largest operating Slovenian pans on 650 ha, criss-crossed with dikes, channels, pools and canals. The pans were once the centre of activity and were one of the biggest money-spinners on the coast in the Middle Ages. In the present times, the whole area provides a shelter for many plant and animal species and is protected as a natural park – around 270 birdspecies have been recorded.
The Saltworks Museum is in the centre of the area and it exhibits all aspects of salt making, the lives of salt workers and their families. Around 2000 tonnes of salt are still produced here every year in the traditional way.